O R E 
the raw & the refined

ORE is a collection of a designed and curated products that serve to beautify your tablescape.

Our inspiration came from the spirit of extracting and refining precious materials from ores. Ores encase the value of the minerals they hold, and only reveal their full potential after rounds of purification. Our aim is to bring across this idea of refinement through thoughtful combinations of materials and their rightful proportions. We present to you a series of table objects in their simplest form and functionality, without eclipsing the beauty of their raw materials.

what we designed

Our debut collection began with two hand-crafted pieces that showcase a union between two of our favourite materials – concrete and brass. We chose to work on the tape holder and pen holder, which are two of the most common and functional table objects. We simply love the way the raw concrete highlights the beauty and functionality of the polished brass parts.


01 tape holder

Whilst using the tape holder, the tape rolls uniformly within its boundary while dispensing the desired amount to be cut at the cutting tip. The weighted tape holder provides confidence and control to its user while performing its function. 

We chose to use a square edge concrete mass to contain and stabilise the tape while using the brass to highlight the tape insert and cutting tip. This creates a distinct accent that informs the users for its function.

02 pen holder

The purpose of a pen holder is simple. A nicely seated conical base that offers protection for a pen before its next use, and that has just the right amount of weight to match its function. To ensure that it can fit pens of different widths and tips, we used a perfectly machined brass cavity to hold and glorify the pen. This beautiful brass part is then inserted into a slightly tapered concrete base for added stability.


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