Finalist of  "Hansgrohe Preis 2014: Efficient Water Design" Top 178 of 4060 entries.
Loop is a simple system that comprises of a pump, a series of tubing that carries water into individual recycled coke bottles, and an ergonomic canvas water carrier. It allows for filtration on the go, as well as modularity in function.
Filtering water instantly and effectively by passing filthy water through a 2 micron size filter and be thoroughly cleaned by UV exposure by leaving it out in the open under the sun for 4 hours.
Problem Analysis - We believe that for rural communities to optimise their use of a water solution. the ability to be involved in the building, repairing and maintaining process is crucial for a sustainable water solution.
Therefore, with the 4 highlighted project motivations, we explored how we can translate our knowledge of water purification and simplifying it into a manual that they can adopt seamlessly reflected from the research from the rural communities in Qinghai. 
The water carrier packs 12 coke bottles. a total of 18 litres of clean drinking water with just ten minutes of purification effort.
1. Low cost, modular and ergonomic water solution that is built with adjustable and effortless capabilities.
2. Simple pumping action strapped at hip area as an anchor of strength during pump.
3. Connecting attachments acts as connectors as well as closure for water distribution and modular usage.
4. Placing the individual modules in the open for UV exposure for thorough disinfection after 6 hours.
5. Simply connect the ends of attachment to gain access to individual clean water bottle with minimal recontamination.
1. Simple threading and fitting of common PVC pipes to build Pump Module.
2. Rolling and fitting two micron size cotton filter into the filter drum.
3. Routing clear tubing with cuts for clean water dispensing in each coke bottle.
4. Following a simple instruction manual to sew their own canvas water carrying bag.
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