LABA SPEAKERS AND PROTOTYPES, 2017 will be exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum. New York.

Exhibition from 13th April to 28 October 2017

The Senses: Design Beyond Vision Exhibition presents the exploration how multi-sensory design amplifies everyone’s ability to receive information, explore the world, satisfy essential needs and experience joy and wonder.

Four white cones are each made with different materials with different textures, ranging from smooth and hard to soft and fuzzy. LABA is a series of audio speakers that alter sound based on the materials used and the shape of the speakers’ ear-like horns. Each speaker amplifies and reflects sound in a different way, creating different auditory effects.

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LABA Untouch; Non-porous plastic printed with resin stereo-lithography creates a basic, untouched sound.

LABA Augment; Silicone creates a warm, natural tone.

LABA Restrict; Dense wool dampens and limits sound to a zone around the user.

LABA Unique; Glazed ceramic maximizes the reflection of sound waves, creating a distinctive tone.

LABA Speakers; Eason Chow (Singaporean, born 1989) and Pravar Jain (Indian, born 1993); 3D-printed nylon, wool, ceramic, plastic, electronics; Courtesy of Eason Chow

LABA Prototypes; Eason Chow (Singaporean, born 1989) and Pravar Jain (Indian, born 1993); 3D-printed nylon; Courtesy of Eason Chow

Actual photos and videos gathered during the opening with keen visitors interacting with the various exhibits of The Senses: Design Beyond Vision Exhibition.

Photo/video courtesy of Tricia Chean.

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