The project was initiated to reinvent a way to provide unsupervised bed rotations to the many non-ambulant patients that currently burdened their caretakers daily which limits their sleeping duration and stable emotional state. 
This simple movement needed by the non-ambulant patients actually limits their caretaker's sleep time to only 3 hours daily, resulting in depression in many caretakers today based on WHO statistics those caretakers who are required to take care of patients with chronic illnesses face a much higher risk -- between 25-33%.
As mentioned in medical journals, it is understood that the current method of performing Continuous Lateral Body Rotation Therapy(CLRT) can be improved and catered for the masses. Firstly, CLRT performed in hospitals can be brutal and hard to adapt for the non ambulant patients.
This is due to the mechanical tossing of patient's body which requires extensive trainings before usage as shown in figure 1. Secondly, the current solutions can only perform symmetrical body rotations, which prove to be a limitation for patients with non-uniform body pressure points.  Thirdly, they are extremely bulky and undesirable for constrained living spaces.
Ideating on means to lift a person's body on its side, I explored ways that allows the user to use less effort to manually rotate their body by rocking to a non-manual way of lifting the body gently with the gradual inflation of air bags.
As tested with my users, I have understood that using a automatic inflation method will be ideal to cater to the needs of mild to severe non-ambulant conditions.
Keeping it affordable, comfortable and portable for easy daily usage.
Replacing manual body rotations for non-ambulant patients with the help of inflated air bags which serve to lift a person's body to its sides. An automatic pulsating inflation sequence to optimize pulmonary functionality and pressure sore relief in patients.The air bags can also be positioned specifically to user's pressure points to provide an optimized relief of bed sores for patients with Scoliosis(Curved Spine) with the help of magnets. 
Using magnets to shift internal airbags, opening a unique method to perform non-uniformed pressure relief.
Simple angled air noozle for easy connection of air pump to device.
Through a four week pilot testing with two users, Shahrun and Boon Keng, I was able to revise my prototypes realistically to the needs and wants of non-ambulant conditions.
Gaining market traction and publicity through investor interest and media support. Flipod has been featured on the local newspaper, TODAY on 23rd of June 2014. The exposure has garnered interests internationally on offering support to develop and produce the design.

Seven Smart New Inventions That We Should Have Had all Along - GIZMODO

"As anyone who's ever cared for someone who can't move knows, helping an immobile patient turn in bed is a surprisingly daunting task. The idea behind Flipod is to make that process a little simpler, thanks to a cloth wrap around the patient that can be manipulated as needed by the caregiver...."  
Featured for Dyson Design Award
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