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Meant for collaborations.

The road to good innovation demands a good partnership and a good team. I work well in infusing creativity within teams from emerging startups to big corporates. Together, we build great products with a blend of expertise, cultures and expressions. 
​​​​​​​Some things I do.

In today's context, good businesses will require several components and connections to solve the biggest and most challenging ideas across different disciplines. As a consultant, I manage clients' needs by pairing connections with varied specialisations. Afterall, everyone is looking for a one-stop solution, of which I have proven to be. 

Things related to design.
Industrial Design. 
Interaction Design. 
Experience Design.
Healthcare Design. 
New Product Development.
Retail & Packaging Design.
Internet Of Things (IOT) Tech Design. 

Things related to experiments.
Design Research.
3D Printing & Technologies.
Simulation and Mockup.
Proof Of Concept Physical/Digital.

Things related to business.
Brand Activation. 
Brand Refreshing
Design Thinking/Translation. 
Business in Design Strategy.
Fundraising/Investor Connections.

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