The OVAL at Seletar Aerospace Park Icons

Project collaboration with JTC Corporation Aerospace. Being asked to pitch designs for a landmarker and three activity areas in the OVAL at Seletar Aerospace Park, the objective is to inject involvement, energy and origins in my designs. The OVAL is set to be a lifestyle epicentre within the Seletar Aerospace Park, meant to engage meaningful family interactions and gatherings, immersed with a flavor of aviation and its’ history. The landmarker was intended to involve the environment and people with its function, The landmark's component will move and glide according to how the wind glides through it. The components being the rotors, wing tips and its swivelling body. Thus activating the senses and curiosity from the visitors and create vibrancy in the space. The three activity spaces are meant to; 1. Translating aviation experiences by mimicking the experience of looking out of a plane window while airborne to that of a re-purposed plane shelter. 2. Nurturing experiences by creating a shared platform between the young and old, to experience similar view and experience together will foster better communication. Allowing a shared and immersive experience. 3. Involving experiences by offering a memorable walk-through within the functions of the aircraft with the actual re-purposed aircraft itself.

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