Fold, A neatly folded bicycle

Fold is a foldable bicycle design that aims to redefine the urban riding experience for professionals. Current designs of foldable bicycles are usually catered for the masses and may not address the needs of riders who need to maintain a professional image. Compromises include small wheels which increases portability but limits efficiency during the commute, as well as untidy handling of bulky folded frames when regular-sized wheels are used. As cycling gets increasingly popular as a mode of transport for urban commuting, we realised the need for a portable bicycle that can be properly folded without comprising safety, efficiency and impression. Our inspiration comes from origami where the precious material (paper) is made into intricate outcomes through a series of systematic and neat folds. We explored several folding configurations that are minimal, yet essential in retaining a neat composition of the bicycle during assembly. We also designed a single frame that is is able to house the different parts neatly upon storage. These would then be contained within a neat and portable bundle in a bag (330L x 500W x 200H). An instantaneous assembly would be possible by simply swinging the front and rear forks into position and attaching the foldable wheels, making it ideal for professional urban cyclist.

Fold bicycle, is a team project with Tim Gerlach.
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